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Equine Simulator

Our riding simulator improves skill, and sheds light on the key issues of riding. By illuminating what it is that skilled riders actually do, the simulator breaks through the myths and confusion which surround ‘talent’, making it clear that a horse-friendly, influential seat is based on specific biomechanical patterns that the simulator can help you learn.

The simulator trots and also canters, with much more life-like gaits than others. These paces can be adjusted in many ways, and can be made more or less powerful depending on the needs of the rider. The simulator contains very sophisticated sensors which it uses to give computerised feedback on each of the three planes of motion. It also measures rein tension and the consistency of the contact.

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It measures the variations in your weight as you bump – or not!
It measures whether you are ahead or behind the horse’s centre of gravity, and whether you are driving or retarding – the equivalent of pushing on the horse from behind or in front.
It shows if you are sitting in a way that weights the left or right side.

A skilled rider sits very still, and stays on the ideal balance point, creating the print-out in each gait that defines skilled riding. Working with the simulator will give you a print-out of your initial biomechanics, and to see in further print-outs the improvements you have achieved.

In working with the simulator we also draw on the visual feedback of mirrors placed to the front and side, and we utilise hands-on work to sculpt the body and offer various resistances. This helps to isolate different muscles and build isometric strength, which is the key to precise, effective, rider biomechanics. Working with the simulator gives a clear ‘feel’ of co-ordinations which yield a more horse-friendly seat, and a clearer feeling for riding itself.

For some (especially in canter) it has the advantage of removing the fear-factor. It is quite tiring, and is best used repeatedly for short periods of time.

One of the greatest advantages of the simulator is the opportunity for coaches to work hands-on whilst the rider is in motion. The various forms of feedback it offers combine to create a powerful mix.


Private session

30 minutes


Simulator plus private mounted lesson special saver (saving £9)

80 minutes


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“I had no idea what to really expect and was slightly nervous.

My nerves quickly evaporated as Karin put me at ease with her quiet, confident and calming manner.

Karin took time to ask me about my back, my lifestyle and stresses and listened intently to my answers.

This increased my confidence further as I saw that Karin was making my session ‘tailor made’.”Liz

Nutritional Supplements

Correct nutrition is important to everyone, whatever your age or activities. Horses require daily care, and it is therefore important to me (Karin) that I maintain my health, so I can attend the yard daily. Although I no longer undertake the general yard duties on a day-to-day basis, I remain the back-up when other staff members are unavailable due to illness.

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