International Centre of Excellence for Rider Biomechanics

Our Aim

To improve the performance of the rider, so they can be safe, competent and confident and that in turn they can be the best they can be to make it easy for the horse to carry them and to perform to the best ability of that partnership, whether just starting riding or competing at higher levels.


To explore and understand how control of the riders’ body influences the horse. To find the most appropriate piece(s) of language and feelings for the individual rider on that day. To provide bite sized pieces the rider can recognize and take away to practice.

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1jun - 310:00 amjun 3- 4:00 pmMary Wanless Course - 2 days

4jun - 8jun 47:00 amjun 8Mary Wanless Course - 4 days

18jun - 21jun 1810:00 amjun 21Transform Your Riding in 4 Days

23jun - 25jun 2310:00 amjun 25Improve Your Seat - Movement Lessons for Riders

27jun - 28jun 2710:00 amjun 28Mary Wanless Course - 2 days

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“Karin, thank you so much for teaching me how to ride. Having spent 30 years and thousands of pounds on lessons, being confused and never feeling in control, i.e. always anxious and not really enjoying riding.

I found you and after only a handful of lessons, where you’ve explained everything so clearly and identified several reasons why I haven’t been in control.

Today’s lesson was great and I feel for the first time in my life that I’m riding, more in control and loving it… if only I’d found you all those years ago.

Now back to my breathing and my riding hat!”Louise